We get a lot of questions about a lot of things at NXNE. Hopefully you can find the answer below, but if you’re still scratching your head please a) check for lice; b) send an email to info@nxne.com and we’ll help you out.


What is North by Northeast / NXNE?
NXNE is a raging annual five day summer festival and conference, mostly centered around our collective love for music that we think you’ll love, too. The U.K. Guardian says “NXNE has crowned itself Toronto’s leading music event.” Visual art, comedy and film are also part of this packed cultural explosion. NXNE also features an Interactive conference that explores how music and emerging technologies connect, challenge and thrive. Celebrating our 22nd year in 2016, we take over Toronto with showcases, screenings, panels, parties, installations, and lots more. From free shows at YDS to extended last calls at your favourite sweaty club/bar/pop up venue, NXNE is the premier destination for bands, filmmakers, innovators, funny people, artists, and most importantly: fans of all of the above. We are partners with our friends in Austin, Texas at SXSW and yes, we are still getting great ideas from them — as well as a few of our own. NXNE was founded in 1995 and when you get to know us better you can call us Northby.

When is NXNE 2016?
We’re glad you asked. June 15-19, 2016.

Where is NXNE?
Toronto, Canada, one of the leading live music cities in the world. We take over various downtown venues, stages, places, parks, boats, airports, and pretty much everywhere else. Venue specifics will be posted closer to the festival so stay tuned if you’re really into maps.

How do I get tickets?
Why yes, we do have those. We’ve got festival passes, conference passes, as well as tickets for individual shows. They’re usually at http://nxne.com/tickets, but we haven’t started selling them for 2016. But if you really want to nerd out, we even have a ticketing FAQ which you can read if you’re so inclined. Keep scrolling.

Is it all ages? 19+?
Due to all the debauchery and booze, all our club showcases are 19+. But many of our larger venues are all ages. If it’s all ages, it will be indicated.

I’m new to Toronto – where can I stay?
We’d tell you, but we really think there are search engines specifically designed for this kind of thing. There’s also the wonderful Airbnb option. That said, just about anywhere in downtown Toronto will serve you well.

I want to volunteer. How can I go about it?
Well we like you,. Stay tuned.

I want to work at NXNE. How can I go about it?
Watch this space, NXNE advertises job opportunities through all of our social media outlets and this website. We also run ads in NOW Magazine and at nowtoronto.com. Volunteering is also a good start — and fun. We sometimes source staff from our pool of awesome volunteers.

I want to advertise on your website/in your gig guide. What do I do?
This is something smart people say. Please check out the information over here, then get in touch with nxne@milkamili.com.


Who’s playing?
We’ll have details on 2016 soon enough. Spoiler alert: it’ll be some bands you’ve heard of and some you haven’t. We hope you see some of your favourites and find new ones as well.

Where’s the schedule?
Coming soon.

I have a venue that I want to be part of NXNE. What can I do?
If you’re interested in being a part of our 2016 festival, then please email one of our programmers at info@nxne.com and give us all the details on your room.

I want to put on a showcase. How do I do that?
Once again info@nxne.com can help you out.

Can I take pictures at the show?
Officially: no. But between you and me and the internet, we won’t freak out over your phone pictures. Just please try not to piss off the person standing behind you by constantly holding your phone up and/or using your flash. Also please try not to piss off the band. If you intend to take photos for news/media purpose however, you will need media accreditation.

Can I take selfies?
Absolutely. Tag us on Instagram and on Twitter @nxne so we can see your beautiful faces.

Okay, but can I take selfies with a selfie stick?
(You should leave those things at home.)

Artist FAQ

Should I email (insert name & email of person on the NXNE contact list) to ask them to book my band?
Nope, just apply through Sonibids, for free, no NXNE charge and Sonicbids is offering free 30 day trials memberships. Just follow this link and good luck, maybe we’ll see you in Toronto in June. http://Sonicbids.com/NXNE2016

How do you pick artists and what do you look for and tell me all your secrets?
Actually we look for you being awesome and sounding great. It helps if you’ve got good press, active social channels, and a pretty strong history of tour dates to back up all your “we’re really great” hyperbole. Naturally, a complete EPK is the first step. We also recommend you read this to find out more about what we’re looking for.

Do you program (insert genre here)?
If it’s good and we can put it on a showcase, we’ll book it.